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holo, the daily nail, water marble, color club, halo huesI'm a sucker for a holo. I think we all suffer from 'squirrel' syndrome... at least that's what I call it! Let me explain. When I see a great holo, I'm all eyes on that holo, much like when a dog sees a squirrel! :D (especially my 'nephew' Yukon...you can't even SAY the word squirrel without him losing his mind!)

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Recently, I went to my go-to nail supply shop here in Vegas, Discount Beauty Supply, with my friend James. We both work for Zappos, and he asked me for help putting together a nail art-themed gift for a customer, and of course I was happy to oblige! :D I told him I knew just the spot, and we managed to get a healthy nail art starter kit of polishes! We got mostly China Glaze polishes with a few Morgan Taylor thrown in for good measure! We got red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, silver, gold, glow in the dark, a silver holo glitter, a Ruby Wing color-changing polish, a HUGE bottle of topcoat, dotting tools, gems, and a brush set. I think we did pretty well, and I hope the recipient is super stoked! :D

While I was there, I of course got distracted by a few holos from Color Club that I somehow didn't own yet. I 'accidentally' purchased Beyond, Cosmic Fate, and Crystal Baller from the Halo Hues collection. I may have purchased others, too, but let's not talk about that. ;) I loved the colors so much, and I felt like they went well together, so I decided to do a type of nail art that I've never done before- kinda like water marbling, but spraying the polish with an alcohol-based spray while the polish floated on the surface of the water vs. swirling it. I painted the nails with Cosmic Fate and then did the technique with the other two colors as well as American Apparel Hassid because Beyond wasn't as stark of a contrast as I wanted.

Unfortunately I realized after I dunked half of my nails that I didn't apply latex barrier for easy removal around the nail. Man, are we spoiled these days!! So many awesome barriers to choose from to make our lives easier! :) Cleaning up totally sucked, by the way. :D

Anyway, enough talking, on to the pictures! :D

holo, nail art, water marble, the daily nail blog, halo hues

and the obligatory sunlight shot....

holo, nail art, the daily nail blog, water marble, sunlight, halo hues

God I love holos. They totally make EVERYTHING look better!

For this nail art, I used:

American Apparel Hassid

Do you have 'squirrel' syndrome? What types of polishes are your squirrels? Tell me in the comments below! :)


  1. Beautiful color combo!! I feel the same way about holos.

  2. That looks so cool! Holos are awesome.

  3. I honestly didn't realize Holos existed until recently! I mean, really, where have I been living? Under a rock, apparently...But this design makes me OBSESSED!

    1. WHHHHHHATTTTT!!!??!? Holos are the best. You may be late to the party, but at least you're here now... ;)


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