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I love Jason Mraz. Not in the creepy, stalker, 'one day we might end up together' kinda way, though he is totally adorable. No, just the 'he's awesome', 'his music makes me happy', and 'he's so damn charismatic' kinda way. I've been a fan since my friend Jacquie introduced me to his music my junior year of college. Fast forward to 13 or 14 years later, and I'm heading to the Jason Mraz with Raining Jane concert to see him for the 5th time with my friend Ashley. I'll be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure how I would like this show because I had never really heard any of Raining Jane's stuff outside the most recent Mraz album. Man, was I blown away! They were AWESOME, and my face still hurts from smiling through the show! Those women are talented and highly entertaining, there were even times that Mona Tavakoli (the drummer) stole the show from Jason himself! Jason was fantastic as usual, his sense of humor is always a laugh because his jokes are totally cheesy in the best way. When he first came out on stage he started thanking people individually for attending...those are the kind of silly things he does. I've been to plenty of concerts, and this one ranked waaaaay up there in awesomeness! I can't remember when I enjoyed a show so much. Opening for Jason and Raining Jane was Cody Lovaas, a 16-year-old Singer/Songwriter that had a great voice, and dimples for days.

In true Melissa style, I of course had to do some Mraz nail art for the occasion. I chose to replicate the cover of his latest album, 'YES!' on my fingertips! I actually used gel polishes for everything except the nail art on these, both Gelaze by China Glaze and a gel polish I didn't know even existed...GLOW IN THE DARK from Gel II!! I was so excited when I saw it at Discount Beauty Supply here in Vegas. I was like 'Is this real life?'

A few more pictures from the show (click to enlarge):

I used:

For the base color:

CND Shellac Basecoat
CND Shellac Topcoat

For the nail art:

Yellow: American Apparel Manilla
Teal: American Apparel Peacock
Aqua: American Apparel The Valley

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