Heart to Heart - Valentine's Day Nail Art

Nothing to Disclose Press Sample

It's here again. The day that is highly anticipated by some but extremely dreaded by most... The day that roses double in price... the day of hearts 'n shit. You guessed it, it's V-day. This will be my first year without the chalky deliciousness of conversation hearts increasing my dentist bills, and I must admit, I'm a little sad about it! But, I have two of the best Valentine's Day dates a gal could hope for...one has 4 legs and wears a nice fur coat, and the other just has two furry legs. No big plans for the day, mostly working, and relaxing a bit afterward.

I decided to try the Cut It Out Lovely Magic nail vinyls from Serum No 5 for this design. First, I used a rainbow of colors to create the brushed gradient up the center of the nail. Once that dried, I used the  stacked hearts vinyl over the gradient, then brushed on a coat of white polish. Before the white polish dried, I removed the nail vinyl, which left a clean heart outline! I totally love how these turned out, I'm such a sucker for a rainbow gradient!

I used:

Red: American Apparel Downtown L.A.
Orange: Zoya Paz
Yellow: American Apparel Sunshine State
Green: CND Green Scene
Blue: American Apparel Mount Royal
Purple: China Glaze Everglaze Don't Grape About It
White: Zoya Purity

Serum No 5 Cut It Out Lovely Magic nail vinyls

Topcoat: KB Shimmer Clearly on Top quick dry topcoat

Disclosure: Some products in this post were provided for review by the manufacturer. (Serum No 5 & KB Shimmer) See the legal page disclosure for more information.


  1. totally love it! very usnusual Valentines Day design!

  2. I'm a sucker for rainbows too. These came out perfect!

  3. That is so pretty - I love the rainbow!!

  4. your nails look very pretty!
    I love this manicure, thanks for sharing!


  5. So Beautiful Nail Art and Creative designs. Thanks for Sharing !! :)


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