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So good news for Dexter fans without Showtime...Season 8 is on NETFLIX! :D I'm surper stoked, and trying to pace myself so I don't devour the entire season in a single day. (I watched seasons 1-4 in a week, all while working full time, I have a problem.)

Aaaaaanyway. I actually did this nail design back in July when the show was on TV, but never posted it. I know, I suck. I based this off of a Season 8 promo image I saw, where Dexter's image is made up of blood spatter. On the remaining nails, I did blood splatters over a white background. Red is the worst color to do splatter nail art with, it's so hard to remove all the pink residue that remains from the pigments. I'm fairly pleased with how this turned out, the face isn't super obvious at first glance, which I like. :)

All Wrapped Up - Dexter Season 8 nail art

All Wrapped Up - Dexter Season 8 nail art_2

I used:

White: Chrome Girl Between the Sheets
Red: China Glaze Adventure Red-y
Dark Red: China Glaze Adventure Red-y mixed with American Apparel Hassid

One of more of the items used in this post were provided by the manufacturer for review, the remainder of the items used were purchased by the author.


  1. Love these!!! You always come up with such creative nailart!

  2. Yup, you're good! :)
    I've never watched Dexter (don't throw rocks at me!!) but knowing what it is about and knowing the character, you did such an awesome job!!! Fantastic detail!! :)

  3. Oooohh! Started watching a month agooo and going into season 4. Very cool nail art :D

  4. This is amazing! I love dexter and I love nails that are subtle enough to look like a normal design, but to those is the know if something special!

  5. I love this nail blood splatter! I've been watching Dexter too literally glued to my t.v. for hours! This is great. Love it!

  6. These are really cool, my first thought was Dexter too. I need to get watching season 8 aaaah! x


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