Pop Culture Giveaway - Day 2 Results!

Well, Rafflecopter chose a winner, and it's Tyra N!

Stay tuned for Day 3!! 

For those curious what inspired Day 2's nail art, here's your answer!  

The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo!


  1. loved how you made the mystery machine a manicure! LOVE your blog. This is such a fun & creative give away!

  2. Loved it. So cute. This is a lot of fun. You are so creative. Since I missed the giveaway but I still wanted to try & play along but didn't get to see the Raflecopter questions. I thought there were still 2 different answers. I got the Sccoby one just by looking at it but searched for the other one just from the clues. Of course I couldn't find the answer. So I'm happy to find out the manicure was for only one thing. I really enjoy these. I hope you continue to do them. Even after you quit giving prizes away maybe you could just make this a feature on your blog.
    Much love

  3. Scooby Doo is my number one most favorite cartoon EVER! This is by far the BEST manicure you've ever done!!!

  4. I was so happy I knew this one after having no clue about the first! Haha. This is really fun!

  5. Love your blog! Would love for you to check mine out too!



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