Dress to Impress

Hi, I'm Melissa, I'm 31 (in a week), and I'm a Glee-a-holic.

I'm not ashamed, I love Glee. :-P While watching the season finale the other day, I noticed a dress that Dianna Agron's character, Quinn, was wearing, and decided it'd be a fun nail design. I searched the internet, trying to find an image of the dress, and turned up nothing...until I found a website called Fashion of Glee. OMG, you mean I can fulfill my dreams of having Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe?! (which appears to be almost solely Kate Spade, and I'm totally ok with that)  Anyway, I digress. Because of this website, not only did I have my photo of the dress, I now know where to get it!!!  (I can't afford it, but that's a different story! lol)

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with....

Blue: China Glaze For Audrey
Purple: Zoya Kieko
Green: American Apparel MacArthur Park and American Apparel California Trooper mixed
Yellow: American Apparel Manila
Topcoat: 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat

Which Glee character's style is your favorite? 


  1. Omg Emma's wardrobe...I died. I need to stop spending money on nail polish and save up so I can afford Kate Spade clothes!

  2. Oh gosh, I'm a total glee-a-holic too!
    What did you think of the season finale?

  3. Love this design!

    I spent 2 days after the finale aired talking about that dress. I'm a huge Gleek, and the clothes are a big part of that!

  4. Awesome nails! I love Tina's style, probably because I was a lot like her in high school.

  5. Cute design - freehand I am assuming? Believe it or not...I never saw a Glee show all the way through - only channel changing parts and clips until the season final this yr. I thought the first dance song rocked and was great. Call me a total square for never having seen Glee before this - but not unusual for me - I often don't see a hit show until it's off air and into repeats!

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  8. Cool mani! I think that Kurt is my favorite style wise. I am fashionally challenged, I only wish I could look as great as he does. :)

  9. pretty! & although I'm not a massive glee fan, i love websites that track down celebrity outfits for you!

  10. Not a glee fan but a fan of this mani for sure! :-)


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