Hey all!

So this post is less crazy nail art, and more chat. It's been a busy week! This past weekend, our friends Rose and Jason came to visit from the US, and brought us some much-needed goodies. I got 2 BIG bottles of pure acetone (a godsend!!), a set of the Sephora for OPI Bohemian Brights minis (awesome!!), and the pièce de résistance—all the fixings to make a real, genuine Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. Seriously one of the best surprises ever!! (I've had one every single day this week!) I'm talking the Starbucks Expresso Roast, the Vanilla Syrup, the caramel, even the Starbucks CUPS! All I supply is the milk! :)

They even brought a battery-powered milk frother from IKEA and an Aeropress- this awesome french press that utilizes air to force the coffee THROUGH the paper filter and into the cup. Amazing. Gifts aside, I'm glad they're here. Although this is my first time meeting them, it's been nice to have some familiar faces around, not to mention, they're superfun and hilarious at Draw Something!! (as evidenced below)

Having them around has given us the opportunity to get out and do some of the stuff that we have yet to do, as well as some stuff that we do regularly. (like ride in Autos- which was hilarious to see their reaction) Rose and I bought fabric to be made into Kurtas and Saris (or sarees, depending who you ask), I had my first tailor experience, and just walking around the city has been fun! This weekend, there are hopes to go to Mahabalipuram or Pondicherry, and also get some Mendhi (or mahendi) done. (Rose is a tattoo artist, and has half sleeves already, so I think its going to look super rad on her.) During the week, Rose and Jason went to Kerala, and got to ride and get blessed by an elephant—which is high atop Chris and I's list to do next! :-P Sunday night, after the tailor left, we all had dinner and hung out with our friend Sheba- and us girls decided to do manicures! The thing that spurred us to do it was that Rose mentioned a super sweet tutorial her brother told her had seen on tie-dyeing your nails- known to us Nail Nerds as Water Marbling. I insisted that it was easy, and we decided to do it. Sheba went first, and chose Zoya Trixie, Zoya Indigo, and American Apparel Mount Royal. Rose went next, choosing American Apparel Cotton, Finger Paints Cordur-Orange, and Finger Paints Catwalk Queen.

Here is the result:

The colors they chose ended up looking like they represented Night and Day! :) This was Sheba's first time getting nail art (she never even paints her nails), so I was really excited that she let me do it. She seemed pretty excited about it when she left, too! :D Made my night!
The next adventure happened last night.

I was just sitting down to do this simple design- a copy of the nails Effie Trinket sports at the Reaping in the Hunger Games movie.

 Then I get called to the back porch by Chris... I figured he was going to show me another lizard (he loves the damn things, so do I), but when I got to the door, he posed the question 'How do you propose I kill this?'. I looked up, and THIS is what I saw...

You can SEE the fur on its legs from HERE!! (also, see the mosquito for size reference)
Mind you, this picture does no justice, as there is nothing to judge it's scale (except the mosquito I suppose), but trust me, I'm not afraid of spiders, and I wanted to scream like a little girl. This thing was HUGE—its legspan was easily a few inches across, and you could see the fur from the step (the spider was right above our heads). We had no idea if it was poisonous, and Chris decided not to wait to find out- he didn't want it to fall on us or Homer and cause any damage. I suggested bug spray, since it had a straw that would concentrate the spray to a precise location. (I also suggested a lighter in addition to it, but that's another story–torch the sucker!!) As soon as the spray hit it, it dropped (luckily on the ground) and started running away like a crab! It was SO fast, and the hilarity of Chris running after it spraying will not soon leave my memory banks. After a minute of spraying (and about half a bottle of spray- the damn thing wouldn't DIE!), this is what it looked like- with a quarter for comparison:


After some research, I feel confident in saying that it is just a Hunstman spider- relatively harmless. Eats geckos, skinks, cockroches, and other pests. Leaves a painful bite on humans, but not deadly.  I feel a little guilty that Chris killed it, but I respect that he didn't want to take a chance this time since we don't know the spiders here yet.
So yeah, that's my some of my life recently! In the next day or so, I'll be posting a tutorial for my 'Shut Yer Pie-Hole!' nails, and a poll to to mention and vote on which tutorials you'd like to see. :)


  1. Hi! I read your post about meeting your fans living in Chennai and here I am! :D
    I e-mailed you a couple of weeks back. I'm a girl from Jaipur, I'm 23 years old, LOVE your nail art! Let me know here if you'd like to hang out..

  2. eeeee. i still have goosebumps. but thanks for reminding me i want a french press!

  3. Not going to lie, Huntsmen and the rest of Australia's spiders are part of the reason I packed my bags and moved to New Zealand. I've woken up with huntsmen as big as my face (no lie) pretty much sitting on the ceiling above my bed.

    And then there are the funnel webs, which I've had far too many encounters that I'm comfortable with as an arachnophobe.

    Word of advice: If it has a fat body and fat, hairy legs, avoid it like the plague. If it's inside: Kill it as quickly and efficiently as you can. Oy!

  4. Ohhhh yummy yummy Starbucks. How I miss it. Me and hubby (and our 4 year old) are moving in a few months, and trying to save every penny, so no Starbucks. :(

    Ick. The spider creeps me out. I'm a huge animal girl, I'll pet/hold/keep snakes, any reptiles, any rodents etc. We have a cat and a ferret.

    But I DON'T do any bugs. The only bugs I will kill myself are ants. Anything else, and I have to go fetch a thing of raid, spray the bug (while squealing) and then drop a cup over it until it dies. My husband says (quote) "You sound like a teenage girl getting murdered in a subway when you see a bug" ....Gee thanks hun.

  5. Poor spider :(

  6. OH GOD THAT SPIDER. EWWWWWWW DDDDx I can't stand spiders, they totally freak me out.

  7. I've got to try this water marking thing. I nominated you for an award here:

  8. That spider is horrifying. I would not have known what to do.

  9. Oh poor Mr Huntsman. We just catch them in a large plastic container and take them back outside here - We get them inside every few months.

  10. Hi! My name is Beth, and I vote for a water marbleing tutorial. That looks so cool!

  11. I hate to spoil the thread of the spider comments--but I really like the Effie nails! With all the spider talk, they don't seem to get much appreciation! What colors did you use?

  12. bleehhhh... i have nightmares about spiders like that ALL the time. i see one, then 10, then they're everywhere around me.

    Backup treatment: spray with strong hold hairspray until they freeze

  13. I have a deal with spiders (whether they realize it or not), I know that they are helpful creatures who help keep us from being eyebrow deep in insects, but they get all of the great outdoors, and I get my house. If I'm gardening and one runs across my hand, I just freeze, but inside? It's slipper slap time. Except for daddy long-legs which are the only ones I recognize. Them I'll catch and let outside.

    How long did the Mehndi take?

  14. Gah! That was a creepy spider. My policy with bugs is, if you touch me you die, unless you are a fly, cockroach or mosquito, then you will die if you are in my house.

    Since you were unfamiliar with the's better to be safe than sorry. My fiance is Australian so if he didn't know what kind of spider it was, it would have had to die too.

    I LOVE mehndi! I've never had it done. If I ever go to India, I def. want it.
    I thought that was really cool to water marble your nails together. That seemed fun. :)

    That was nice they brought you ingredients to make a nice coffee treat for yourself.

  15. How did you do your nails? Can we get a how to? Thanks. The pink with splash of gold.

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  19. Wow I just found your blog from reading about the pencil eraser manicure shown in Glamour (not sure if you did or a reader but it was still so neat!) so I've been looking through some of your entries and I just have to say I'm so impressed at your skill! I can't even paint one color on my nails let alone actual designs. :P Well once I did polka dots because I have those nail pens (cheating) but even THEY turned out shitty haha :P
    I like the Effie nails a lot, how did you achieve that look?
    Oh and about the spider. I myself am a huge lover of all things creepy and crawly, I owned a scorpion for awhile and I'm getting a Goliath Bird Eating spider so really this is nothing to me ;) haha! I deal with the "big guns"...kidding, they can be scary looking so I understand people's fear of them. Also ALL spiders are venomous (not poisonous) but the amount they inject and the type is what makes them deadly or not.
    Anyway love this blog! Can't wait to see all the fun stuff you do :)

  20. Hi! I just started reading your blog after seeing the cute pencil manicure in Glamour magazine (not sure if you did it or a reader) and I've been looking through some of your entries. I have to say I'm so impressed with your skills! I can't even paint one color let alone actual designs wow. Ok once I did polka dots because I have those nail pens (cheating) but even THEY looked shitty haha.
    I really love those Effie nails! I like the did you achieve that look?
    Also, about the spider. I myself am a huge lover of all things creepy crawly. I love my snakie, had a lizard and a scorpion (both passed recently RIP) and I'm getting a Goliath Bird Eating spider (read: HUGE ASS MOFO) so this guy is small potatoes to me (haha) kidding, I know spiders can be scary looking so I know why people are scared of them. For me, if it's outside I don't think I have the right to kill it since it was there first. Also all spiders are venomous (not poisonous) it depends on the amount they inject with a bite/the type of venom they have that makes them fatal or not.
    Anyway, really excited to be seeing all these cool posts! Maybe I will find a talented friend to try some of them for me :D

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