Thursday, February 9, 2012

Masala Valentine

Well, I've been in India for 2 and a half months, and honestly, it's about time I did a more Indian inspired nail design... this one actually came from the pattern of a sari that my friend Sheba wore the other day. I liked it so much, I knew that it'd be a fun Indian-themed Valentine's Day nail design! I kinda don't want to remove it, but I have a few more Valentine's nail designs in store for you in the next few days, so I'll have to!  Maybe tomorrow.... or the next day. Orrrrrr, maybe the day ofter that. We'll see.

So how are y'all doing? I think now that I finished watching all five seasons of Six Feet Under, I'll feel a little more motivated to do more designs and blog again. Truth be told though, in this country of color and patterns, I feel anything BUT inspired. I worry that I may have lost my mojo!  I kinda got burnt out with all the moving and working two jobs thing, and then took a break from blogging after I moved here. I worry that my skill level has gone down, but I suppose that's all the more reason to start kickin' these posts' asses, right?!

Anyway, on to the nails! :)

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with American Apparel Hassid for the black and Nicole by OPI Redy to Runaway Love for the red accent nail. Topped it all off with coats of Seche Vite top coat, as usual. :)  (can't get enough of that stuff!  I love it so much that I brought 4 bottles, as well as 2 professional size bottles, which equal 8 bottles each. :-D  I think I may have a problem.


  1. these are amazing! love the design, will have to try it myself, although they will probably look rubbish compared to these beauties haha :)

  2. This is fantastic! You must have amazing dexterity in your non-dominant hand from all of this precision work - totally jealous :)

  3. So lovely, I am going to pull out my sari to see what design it has on it!!!! Oh and dont worry i totally love seche vite too!!

  4. These are gorgeous. Henna style designs are so appropriate for nail art :)

  5. I love this design!

    I hate Seche Vite though - it always makes my nail polish peel off in big strips.

  6. Way to bring your Mojo back Melissa. These are so cute.

  7. I love your design!!
    check out mine!!

  8. There must be some amazing colors and patterns in India to inspire you! These are lovely and not overtly Valentiney. Love em!

  9. I'm fighting with the same exact thing right now... I'd been really sick, and in too much pain to really do my nails for several months now. So now that I'm doing it again, I find I'm having to learn all over again!

    It's ok though... it's a learning process, and I think it makes people happy to see the process, and to know that even someone as amazing as you can have to work back up to amazing sometimes. And for the record?

    ... this look is amazing. :D

  10. AKA ReaderRita (who doesn't use Google anymore because they've gone evil)

    Oh, they're beautiful! I just love Indian design. Relax and don't pressure yourself- let the inspirations find you! You more than anyone know that there's design everywhere...

  11. Hi, I came to know your blog, loved, congratulations on your corner and lots of success here!
    I'm following your blog now!

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    Oh, there's a translator at the end of my page blog, I hope to see you there! :)

  12. I love that you are in India! I lived there for 5 years in Mumbai. I found your sight from your repost made by Beauty High. I love the cheetah moons on a red nail. I thought the little moons were stickers but you painted them! Right on. Perhaps I'll try as my skill level tries to improve. When I saw these henna/sari/paisley nails I dug a little deeper to see you are in Chennai. I LOVED my experience in India. I hope you do too. All the best to you. I'll be frequenting your blog;D


  13. Omg, that's my favourite design! Beautiful!


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