Time to Get My Beauty Sleep!

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They say that the best part of waking up is a certain brand of coffee in your cup. WRONG, because the best part of waking up is knowing that you are truly at a #IWokeUpLikeThis level! (I mean, just LOOK at how beautiful Molly is!!) <— I kid! I mean, she IS beautiful, but her lips are caught on her teeth in this picture, so she looks totally disgusted. Also, she really DOES sleep like this - it's very cute.

We all know that the perfect start to a gorgeous makeup is skincare, and the most important step in my skincare routine is an awesome night's sleep! I'll be honest, between working, blogging, and general life, I might not always get 8 hours of sleep, heck, I'm lucky to get 4 hours some nights - but sometimes life is about quality, not quantity, and I'm kind of in love with my new mattress from the Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt series. (Shhh! don't tell Chris he has competition!) I've been sleeping on this mattress for over a month now, and I've actually gotten to a point where I don't really need to wear foundation anymore - concealer either! (I'm only wearing brows and mascara in the above picture!)

I'm a side sleeper and as I get older previous mattresses have caused major pain in my hips and shoulders (I've even had to get cortisone shots in one of my shoulders!!), but the way my body sinks into the Tempur-Pedic mattress makes it so I can actually sleep at night instead of tossing and turning–I can even sleep through the chorus of old man snores from my bulldog Winston!


1. Sleep
2. Nail polish
3. Makeup
4. Cake... well, food in general.
5. Sleep
6. Shoes
7. Sleep
8. More sleep. 

OH! I guess I should mention a few of my favorite features of the bed, right?!

1. It has a zip-off outer layer for convenience and comfort!
2. When Molly and Homer decide they want to play or tromp around at 5 am, I don't wake up because their movement is absorbed by the bed! 
3. I SLEEP ALL. NIGHT. LONG. (It's awesome- be sure to tell me how young I look next time you see me!)
4. It's like I'm a baby angel, sleeping on a cloud of pure happiness. Ok, maybe not the angel part, but definitely the cloud of pure happiness. That cloud of pure happiness? It's thanks to a combination of over 1,000 premium spring coils, the TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer, and the TEMPUR-APR™ Support layer!
5. Tempur-Pedic offers a 90-Night trial, so you can see how awesome it is for yourself, and if not, you can send it back! They also have a 10-yr warranty to repair or replace it for free!

It's funny, I often find myself going upstairs to lay on the bed to play on my phone or read, rather than hanging out on the couch, because frankly, it's way more comfortable, and my back doesn't start to hurt. (Getting older is the worst!) Molly likes it because it's taller than my old mattress, and she can totally keep tabs on the neighborhood through the French doors. #nosyneighbor

Now Homer? He's just in it for the pillows. :D

Disclosure: Products in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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