Ittsē Nightfall Collection & Palette Swatches & Review

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Do you love amazing, pigmented eye shadows? Shadows that if they were candy, they'd melt in your mouth and give you the happiest of sensations? Look no further than after the jump! ;)

This year at Cosmoprof, I was super stoked to meet the founder and learn about an awesome new makeup line called ittsē! It's pretty rad, the idea is that you purchase one of their magnetic palettes, which come in three different colors (black, grey, & white), have a protective plastic flap to protect the shadows, a mirror, and a super strong magnetic closure. Where ittsē sets itself apart is their incredible quality, affordable eye shadows. I wear a lot of mattes these days, and I have never, NEVER, come across a matte eye shadow so smooth and velvety, with so much pigmentation. They apply and blend like a dream! I was lucky enough to try one of their curated collections, the Nightfall Collection. This collection is all matte neutral eye shadows, a mix of soft, delicate colors and smoky, sultry colors. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure they would work for my skin tone, since they're mostly cool tones, but I seriously LOVE these!

Nightfall collection, ittse, the daily nail
Demure, Grace & Fashionably Slate

I rarely wear makeup on weekends, even though I work on Sundays, but once I swatched these last night, I knew I had to wear them today! They're like butter. SERIOUSLY. Think the MAC Veluxe Pearl texture without the pearl. The swatches on my arm show a single swipe of the shadow.

curated collection, ittse, eyeshadow palette

The colors in my palette are as follows:

1. Sweater Weather
2. Grace
3. Papyrus
4. Montmartre
5. Film Noir
6. Demure
7.Cabin in the Woods
8. Velveteen
9. Fashionably Slate
10. The Fog (translucent finishing powder)
11. Paris Pink (blush)

the daily nail, ittse, nightfall collection, swatches

I know there are bazillions of eye shadows and palettes available on the market, but I definitely think this palette ranks right up there! I'm super curious about some of the other finishes they have, I hope they're just as awesome as the mattes! I love that the palettes (and their closures) are sturdy enough that I won't have to worry about traveling with them, and could even bring them with me to work if I needed a touch up or to change my look before a night on the town! Also- they're gluten-free, paraben-free, and they're never tested on animals, which is an A+ in my book!

What curated collections from ittsē catch your eye? What individual shadows? Tell me in the comments below! I'm crushing on Hyphy and Weekend Getaway, so I might need to snag those too at some point! :D

Ittsē shadows, blushes/bronzers/illumizers/powders, brow powders, and palettes are available at for $7.99, $8.99, $6.99, and $21.99, respectively. 

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