I'm TRY-angling!

Press Sample

A few weeks ago, my sister was taking a road trip across the US with her boyfriend, hitting all the hot fishing spots between Michigan and the west coast. One of her stops was in St. George, UT, only 1.5 hours from me, so we met up for a hiking adventure with our hounds! Amongst the camping supplies, dog food, flyrods, and other miscellaneous stuff taking over the back of her Jeep was a couple of Nubar collections that she neglected to inform me that I had received (tsk, tsk!). However, it was like Christmas for me! (literally - she brought the Christmas collection! lol)

I really like this particular collection, the Spring 2015 Pop! collection. There are pastels, a great blue, grey, terra cotta, you name it! It's definitely a unique mix of colors, but I LOVE them! I immediately had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do with three of the colors that jumped out at me right away, a repetitive triangle pattern! The base color, Spotlight, looks greener in some lights, and yellower in others, at least in my experience, it's definitely a green-based pale yellow. I really liked how this design turned out, mostly from further away so I couldn't nitpick my mistakes!!

I'll have swatches of the whole collection up soon; they're already watched, I just need to get the photos resized and whatnot!

I used:

Yellow: Nubar Spotlight
Blue: Nubar Media
Grey: Nubar Choirgirl

What do you think of this collection from what you've seen so far? Is this design something you would try?

Go on, just TRY-angle it! :D


  1. So cute and colorful design! You always create so amazing designs ;DD

  2. I love your colors, looks gorgeous on your nails. I've a question for you, What brushes used for this awesome nail art?


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