Turn on the Water(color)works!

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I love finding inspiration in clothing and fabric patterns. I love their repetitive nature, and they often lend themselves well to nail art. :) A while back, they had a sale at work, and I bought this dress with the most beautiful design on the hem of the dress. Not only was the dress only $5, but I had nail inspiration too?! Total twofer! To get the watercolor effect, I painted the shape I wanted, and then while it was still wet, I dabbed it with a q-tip that was soaked in acetone. I'm super excited that the design turned out pretty much exactly how it looked in my head! :)

What's your favorite go-to for nail inspiration? Tell me in the comments below! :)

The actual dress I bought is no longer in stock, but here is a picture of it. It's the StyleStalker Aura dress in Lilac: 

I used:

White: Zoya Purity
Various shades of purples/blues: 

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  1. Both the nails and the dress are gorgeous! I've been meaning to try the acetone method cause I think it will give the result I want for a mani I've been thinking. I hope it's not difficult to master.
    As for nail inspiration, it can literally be anything. From a medieval fresco, to a Bronzino painting, to kpop, there are so many things that can light up the tiny bulb over my head I don't think I have enough time to do all of them!

    1. Thanks Elysse! I feel that way too, sometimes! I'm constantly jotting ideas down or taking snapshots!


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