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If you've been a member of the internet-browsing public today (which you obviously are, since you're reading this), you've probably seen in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other feed that today is May 4, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, so May the Fourth Be With You! Though I have never (yes, you read that correctly, NEVER) watched a single Star Wars movie, despite being nearly 33 years of age, and having had several attempts on tricking me out of my Star Wars virginity, I felt the need to do Star Wars nails today. I decided to do a nail art interpretation of Chewbacca, complete with 'fur', which I had to 'make' myself by trimming brown pipe cleaners. Can you believe that no one had flocking when I looked at a couple different craft stores today? The people at Joann's had no idea what I was even talking about when I asked about it! *sigh* Kids these days.

Anyway. Things I learned from this manicure:

Never blow excess fuzz off your nail over the paper plate full of pipe cleaner trimmings.
Never cough over paper plate full of pipe cleaner trimmings.
Never rub your eye with pipe cleaner trimming nails.
Do not breathe at all during this manicure, fuzz fill end up inside your nose and tickle.

chewbacca, star wars, nail art, chewy, fuzzy, flocking

chewbacca, star wars, nail art, chewy, fuzzy, flocking

chewbacca, star wars, nail art, chewy, fuzzy, flocking

I used:

Brown: Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme
Silver: Morgan Taylor Could Have Foiled Me

Basecoat: Morgan Taylor Stick With it

What do you think, Chewy enough?  Did you do a Star Wars manicure? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Pipe cleaner fuzz? Great idea. I would never have thought of that. Fuzzy wuzzy nails - interesting. Very Chewbacca like.

  2. Sooooooooo cool! Some of the best!

  3. This a truly awesome manicure. Love your nails!

  4. Love love love. I did a simple Star Wars manicure :)

  5. woa. beauty, but we can done it at home or nail salon?

  6. This is an interesting nail design. How long does it last?

  7. Whoops!! Auto corrected me! That's embarrassing! The link to the basecoat isn't working so here it is again.

    That's so embarrassing! autocorrected basecoat to vasectomy haha if you publish it I will link it to a auto correct fail site x


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