Shut Yer Pie-Hole Tutorial! and POLL for Tutorials!!

As promised (though a couple of days late), here is the tutorial for my Shut Yer Pie-Hole! design. Because of YouTube time restraints, I had to break it into two videos.

I finally got a 'rig' figured out to be able to film easier, I made it out of a snack can (a metal can slightly smaller than a coffee can) with a slot cut through it for a ruler, a plastic ruler to create an arm for the camera, 2 rocks to counterbalance the camera, a piece of masking tape, 2 bendy led lamps, and for the camera? My iPhone. Shoots HD, and is way better than my actual camera for video. I'll post a picture of it later today. :-P It's pretty amusing.

Anyway. Because of that, I hope to start doing some more tutorials, because I get a lot of requests, and because I want to try to branch out a little. This leads me to the following...if I DID start doing tutorials, what would you like to see? I'd like to stick to my own designs at first, but feel free to enter what you want to see in the box below. Keep in mind the spirit of the blog when you enter your requests- I likely won't do Hello Kitty nails or flowery pink shit, or stuff other bloggers kick ass at already - things like Water Marbling, sponging, and french manicures (there may be exceptions to this at some point, who knows). They do them way better than I can, and the internet is saturated with those tutorials already.

Any information you give on either question will only serve to make this blog a better place, so please don't hesitate to be 100% honest. :)




  1. This tut makes me want to bite your nails. Looks grrreat.

  2. Love it!!! Now I need more polish.... grr... Zoya did a giveaway the other day on their fb page (90 free bottles to the first 90 people to enter the code) I saw it 6 minutes after they posted it, they were all already gone.

    I so want to see the camera holder pic!

  3. Hello! I know this is a strange question, but have you ever used the MASH set of brushes on Amazon? I just got a set and I was wondering how they held up? If you or one of your lovely commenters could get back to me that would be awesome! If not, that's cool as well, they were just a very good price, and I was wondering how others liked them. It's these ones: (and no I am not promoting them, pinky promise!)

    1. Button down shirt is a unique collection of gotapparel.

    2. I haven't used those, so I can't comment on the quality. However, I can tell you what I use, if that helps? I went to my local WalMart and bought a small packet of brushes. It had a nice selection of small brushes, both square brushes and round brushes, and there are some seriously small brushes in it good for doing detail work.

      I'd probably go for something like that before investing in more expensive brushes. Judging from the photos listed in the set you linked to, the brushes really don't look that great a quality. I think you'd end up cursing a lot if you tried to use those.

      Just my 2 cents, hopefully it helps you.

  4. Holy Crap! You're a pie-painting genius! These tutorials filled my heart with demented joy!


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