Get Your Groupon On!

Many of you may have heard of Groupon by now, but if you haven't, it's amazing. Businesses in your area (or sometimes online businesses) will over products or services at a hefty discount if you buy during the Groupon sale. I've used Groupon for Barnes & Noble gift cards ($10 for $20), Gap ($25 for $50), American Apparel ($25 for $50), Zipline Rides down Fremont St ($10 for $25), Restaurants for 50%, Redbox coupons, admission to LV shows, Mani/Pedis, movie tix, all sorts of things. You can even purchase them as gifts for a friend! :)

Right now they're running a special where if a friend signs up and purchase their first Groupon by June 13, you get $30!! So Sign up, and then get your friends to sign up so YOU can get money towards free Groupons!!!

I wouldn't recommend something that I don't already use (way too much), so check it out, I think you'll like it- and it's offered in cities all over the US! :)

If you like me, and want to sign up with MY link, here it is! Melissa's Groupon Signup Link


  1. I live in the "boonies", so the Groupon concept hasn't caught on over here in the Pennsylvania Wilds! :(

  2. Groupon is alive and well here in Singapore!!! :D

  3. I think that it is great that you have that kind of business models. So I will try to look more of those business that they enter in that kind of category.


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