Nothing to Disclose

Just a quick update on what i'm up to!!  Today begins the 24-hours competition that is QUESTIVAL!  This is technically my third time competing- and you know that I love the challenge where you have to do llama nail art- I'm totally on top of that, Rose!

If the Cotopaxi Questival comes to your city, I highly recommend signing up! It's a challenging and super fun opportunity to see your city (or a new one), and get to do silly things like eating a clove of raw garlic (it burns!), howling at the moon at midnight, or even frosting your face like a cake while another teammate licks it off! lol

Here's the llama nails I did that have the Cotopaxi llama logo and DO GOOD slogan on them in the bright orange they like to use! I painted them on my teammate Lindsey!

Keep an eye out for new blog posts from me about nail stuff and other fun cosmetic updates!