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Santa Shops in Summerlin!

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Do you ever wonder how Santa always finds the perfect gifts every year? I'm convinced that he must shop at Downtown Summerlin, because I found quite a few things to add to my wishlist during an awesome event with some of Las Vegas' top bloggers that was hosted by the fabulous Christie Moeller! Hit the jump to check out all the awesome stops on our Downtown Summerlin journey, and to see some of my picks (and purchases!) for gifts this year!

Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers with Neiman Marcus!

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Wondering what to get me for Christmas? This post will have all sorts of hints for what this ginger wouldn't mind seeing under her tree this year. (If we get one! Not sure a Bulldog and a Christmas tree will mix well! Haha) I suppose these gift ideas will be good for any beauty lover in your life if you've already found that perfect gift for me though. :D

Saks Fifth Avenue & the Secrets of Holiday Shopping

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So Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and Christmas decorations have been out since before the first piece of candy was doled out the wandering ghosts and goblins, but guys, it's crunch time. We only have a little over a month left until Christmas...and if you're anything like me, you're a procrastinator. Luckily, Saks and the Fashion Show Mall here in Las Vegas has us late shoppers covered!

Read on to see some fun gift ideas for the beauty and fashion lover in your life, and tips and secrets on how to make your shopping experience at Fashion Show a painless and productive one!

Costumes and Cuisine!

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Stephanie of Allthingsbeautifulxo.com as a mermaid, and me as a flapper! :)

Halloween is over, but I keep thinking back to the recent blogger get-together at a relatively new restaurant in downtown Las Vegas called 7th and Carson. Costume? Check. My girls? Check. Delicious brunch menu? Check. Hand-crafter cocktails? Check. Handsome chef? Double check. Read on to hear all about the amazing brunch menu at this cool new restaurant and about our skincare event sponsors!

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Review

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Crazy for chrome? Itching to get that mirror-like finish on your tips, but don't want to deal with LED-cured gel? Well, Sally Hansen just came out with a new kit that allows you to bring that shiny salon effect home! The new Salon Chrome sets aim to give you the reflective chrome finish on a regular polish–no light curing needed! This kit comes in 4 reflective colors: Peacock, Mermaid, Gunmetal, and Rose Gold, and retail for $15.99. Each kit contains the special effect topcoat, the chrome powder, and a sponge-tipped applicator. In addition to the kit, you'll need the corresponding Sally Hansen Miracle Gel color, as well as the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat. I was sent the kit in Peacock and Rose Gold to try out for this post– hit the jump to see what I thought!

Following the instructions for the kits, I applied two thin coats of the Miracle Gel polish in Frill Seeker for the Rose Gold kit, and Blacky O for the Peacock kit. I then allowed it to dry until tacky, about 2-3 minutes. This is tricky. Too short, and you smudge everything and have to start over...too long, and the powder doesn't stick very well. Once the polish is tacky, but doesn't leave a mark when you lightly touch it, dip the applicator in the powder and GENTLY rub onto the surface of the nail. GENTLE is the key. I actually found (after testing multiple times) that if I applied the powder and let it sit for a sec, and then massaged into the nail with my fingertip, I got better coverage and a better 'chrome' effect.

Next, apply a super thin coat of the Special Effects topcoat and let it dry for 5 minutes. Be careful with this, if it's too thick, even after 5 minutes, when you apply the Miracle Gel topcoat, it will drag and smear the special effects topcoat and make the surface look all lumpy.

Seal everything with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat and let dry. To remove all the excess powder from the surrounding skin, I simply washed my hands! :) Easy peasy.

Now, for my thoughts. 

While this is a great alternative for those who are reluctant to use light-cured gel, it doesn't really give the exact same effect. While this product DOES look fairly reflective and duochrome-y from an arm's length, up close, it's more like a sparkly duochrome. Of the two I tried, the Peacock was much more chrome-like, but I was very surprised by how much I liked the Rose Gold kit, considering I'm not much of a pink gal. It has a warm, coppery reflect to it, which I totally dig. I also noticed that the chrome effect was far more prominent before adding the Miracle Gel topcoat, which made it more sparkly than solid. Still super pretty though, and I got lots of compliments!

The kit did take a little bit of trial and error to figure out, but once I got the hang of the timing, it's actually fairly easy, and my fingertip worked way better for the application of the powder than the sponge applicator. Now for the photos:

Rose Gold:


4 different combinations (I tried the suggested pairing, and then switched the effects and used them over the opposite base colors as well) Shown from index-pinky: Peacock over Blacky O, Rose Gold over Blacky O, Peacock over Frill Seeker, and Rose Gold over Frill Seeker:

What do you think? Will you swap out your light-cured gel next time you are seeking that shiny chrome-like finish, or are you unconvinced? Tell me in the comments!

Disclosure: Products in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer for review. All opinions are my own.

Mega Beauty Blog Hop Giveaway!

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Who doesn't love a giveaway?! I know I do! (I never win, but that's because I'm unlucky! :D) Today, as part of a THIRTY-FIVE blogger super mega ultra giveaway, I'm giving away my newest obsession...the Too Faced Just Peachy mattes palette! It's recently become an absolute staple in my makeup routine, because the shadows are so pigmented, and they are surprisingly velvety! I've been wearing this nearly every day since I got it, and I think I've finally used every color, lol! My favorites are Peach Tea, Peach Punch, Peach Sangria, and Peach Tart, since they go well with my blue eyes and gingery hair! :D

Below is your chance to win this awesome palette (valued at $45!) ----AND $350 cash if you enter every blogger's giveaway! WHHHHHHAAAATTTT!??!!  Score.

See more information about the cash giveaway and find out all the other bloggers and prizes in the information after the jump.

Girl's Night Outback!

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Thunder From Down Under flatlay

That accent...those abs...those nails?! Wait. How do those things go together? Well, the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers had one heck of a Girls Night Outback at the Thunder From Down Under show at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, and OF COURSE I had to do nails to match! I mean, obviously, right?! I've made it no secret that I'm a sucker for a nice smile and killer set of abs, but add an accent on to that beautiful package and I'm 100% sold. In today's post we're going to focus on not only the nails, but I'm going to share a little about the show with you, too!

Thunder From Down Under, flags Australian, nail art

The nails:

To commemorate the night, I decided to do some nail art inspired by the homeland of these musclebound hunks, so I painted my nails with the Australian flag, which is a royal blue flag with the Union Jack in the upper left corner, a 7-pointed star in the lower left (known as the Commonwealth Star), and the Southern Cross, a constellation containing four 7-pointed stars and one small 5-pointed star on the right half of the flag. Man. Those 7-pointed stars are something else to paint, and there are SO MANY OF THEM. I hope those boys liked 'em! :D

I used Londontown Lakur in Paddington Blue, Londontown Lakue Double the Deck, and white acrylic paint for this design, and it took for damn ever. :-D Totally worth it for the photo op below alllll by itself. Hahaha.

Thunder From Down Under, flags Australian, nail art
Photo taken by Stephanie of AllThingsBeautifulXO.com

OK, now for the show. If you don't want to see some butt action, and some other skin (nothing too bad), I wouldn't recommend hitting the jump. :)