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Nothing to Disclose

Isn't it weird how one minute you're doing something, and the next, something worms its way so firmly in your brain that you have no choice but to drop what you're doing?

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Donald J Pliner Forum Shops & Dopamind Boxing Fundraiser Event!

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Donald J Pliner, event, Dopamind, boxing

SHOES. They're my one TRUE love...sorry Chris, if you're reading this. They've always been there for me, and even through pain, and sometimes blisters, my love is unconditional. I love them all, heels and flats, wedges (even though I suck at walking in them) and platforms, even stilettos. The only shoe that I just can't get behind is the kitten heel. I just don't understand it, but I digress.

Last night there was an event that really was a perfect fit for me. It was at the Donald J Pliner store here in Las Vegas, so it satisfied my love of shoes, but it was also paired with something that tugged my heartstrings–an organization that works with people who have Parkinson's disease, and having a close family member afflicted by it, I was SO happy to be able to be a part of it.

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#CincodeColor Event at COLOR Salon by Michael Boychuck

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It's the 5th of May, what's a girl to do? Does she find the nearest taco truck (I'm game!), does she find the closest sombrero (NOPE!), or does she hang out at one of the 100 best salons in the country (as voted by Elle magazine) and indulge in festive margaritas with multi-colored sugary rims and glittery lips to match?! I think you know where this is going. Mmmm, tequila.

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Geometric Vibes with Cácee Timeless Lacquer

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Today I have a new to me brand, Cácee (pronounced [kah•shay]), and I'm delighted to show it to you! I got to try out 10 colors and their base and top coats, and I have to say, I'm pretty darn impressed! I got to try a variety of finishes, from foil to glitter to creme and back, and they were all great!

To better showcase the colors I received, I'm going to split them up over a couple of posts and show off some nail art featuring them as well as the swatches! Today I am featuring Gray as You Go, Far & Oasis, and Bright Summers with some geometric nail art! I had the idea to use the colors to create radiating vibrations from the geometric shapes. It kind of reminds me of wifi or something. Good goooood good good vibrations!

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Jesse's Girl Julie G Spring 3-Pack - Set 3 Swatches

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It's tax day...April 18th. You know what that means? It means that I officially filed my taxes late last night. :D Nothing like procrastinating, right?! However, if you're more of a procrastinator than I am, you still officially have 3 hours and 36 minutes (according to my clock) to get those bad boys filed.

You wanna know what you can do with your return? You can totally invest in the last Jesse's Girl Julie G Spring trio, I mean, it's only $10 little dollars...practically free, and well worth it! For being neons, these are quite pigmented, and all covered in two coats without undies! :)

The third and final trio of Spring polishes includes Oh Em Gee, Cabana Boy, and Fierce & Fab, and just as a reminder, you can purchase your very own trio at www.JessesGirlCosmetics.com.

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Jesse's Girl Julie G Spring 3-Pack - Set 2 Swatches

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The Daily Nail, Jesse's Girl, Julie G, Spring Trio

Today was toasty here in Vegas...it was reminiscent of Midwest summers, with a higher than usual humidity mixing with the heat to make a breezy sauna in the Vegas valley. The only bad things about today was that I had to do my damn taxes. The absolute worst. I've had my full-time job income portion done on my taxes, but had to do my other income, which totally f**king sucked. Why did I wait until the day before Tax Day, you ask? Good question...it's because I'm dumb. :D

Anyway, I've got some more swatches and simple nail art comin' at you!

Today I have the second trio from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, which includes Santorini, Rio De Janeiro, and Julie's Fave.

Jesse's Girl Julie G Spring 3-Pack - Set 1 Swatches

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The Daily Nail, Jesse's Girl, Julie G, Swatches

It was 90° here in Vegas today... for most of you that are reading this, that might mean SUMMER!!!, but here in Vegas, that simply means that Spring is upon us. The breezes were breezing, the sun was sunning, the birds were birding, and my nails were on point. Why? Because I was wearing the Jesse's Girl Julie G Spring polishes from the first trio!

Out of the three trios, which are only $10 at www.JessesGirlCosmetics.com, by the way, SPRING1 is my favorite, and includes Dream in Pretty, Bikini, and Tropical! Since these are sold in threes, I wanted to showcase some simple nail art that you can do using only the colors in the trio!