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KBShimmer Winter 2018 Collection Swatches and Review

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I've never been one of those people that absolutely love Christmas... I mean, I enjoy it; the lights, the cheer, egg nog... but really, I'm more of a Thanksgiving girl at heart. That said, I DO have an embarrassing love of terrible Christmas movies...I've already watched most of them that are currently available on Netflix, and there are no current pans to stop anytime soon. They're like bacon or chocolate for the heart, they're sometimes terrible for you, but always make you feel good. Some favorites? A Christmas Prince, The Spirit of Christmas, really anything with Christmas in the title. What are your favorites? Tell me in the comments- I always need to add to the watchlist!

Why am I rambling about Christmas movies? Why, to tell you about the gorgeous KBShimmer Christmas 2018 collection, that's why! Read on to see the beautiful shades that Christy came up with this year - they're a mix of shimmer polishes, magnetic polishes, crellies with flakes, flakies, even holos. :) Merry Christmas to us from KBShimmer!

Time to Get My Beauty Sleep!

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They say that the best part of waking up is a certain brand of coffee in your cup. WRONG, because the best part of waking up is knowing that you are truly at a #IWokeUpLikeThis level! (I mean, just LOOK at how beautiful Molly is!!) <— I kid! I mean, she IS beautiful, but her lips are caught on her teeth in this picture, so she looks totally disgusted. Also, she really DOES sleep like this - it's very cute.

Cupcake Polish 5 Year Anniversary Trio!

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It's super awesome seeing rad people succeed at what they set their mind to - and I'm super excited to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Cupcake Polish with Sara and all of her fans and customers! Today I'm sharing the trio that she came out with to celebrate the success of the last 5 years, and it's super pretty - and very true to the Cupcake Polish aesthetic! My fave of the trio is Diamond, read on to see why... (and check out the HUGE sale details!!!)

Glisten & Glow Summer Livin' Swatches

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Summer is upon us - especially here in Las Vegas, where temperatures are blazing well past 100° - in fact, they're set to reach 113° tomorrow! What goes perfectly with summer? NEONS! They're the perfect summer polish - they even manage to make ghostly pale girls like me look much tanner than we actually are! For this year's summer collection, Jill came up with some killer neons- they're fairly opaque, are hella bright even without a white base, and even stamp! Read on to see swatches of this new collection from Glisten & Glow!

The Shopping Day of the Centurion!

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Last Saturday, a few local Las Vegas beauty and lifestyle bloggers got a chance to do just that! I'm sure you're all familiar with Caesars Palace, and you might have even been to The Forum Shops (if you haven't, I highly recommend it!), but I guarantee you weren't escorted around by a centurion in full gladiator garb! :D Read on to find out about our awesome shopping day put together by Christie Moeller of icanstyleu.com, where our Centurion took us, and what one of the most exclusive and awesome pieces of swag I've ever received was gifted to us at the end of our day!

NARS 2018 Spring Color Collection Event!

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New season, new colors, new you! Spring is springing (at least here in Vegas), and now is the time to refresh your makeup for the new season. I recently got to check out the new NARS Spring 2018 colors, and I walked away with some things I totally wouldn't have expected. Read on to find out what I chose!

Rollercoaster of Love - Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art!

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Rollercoasterrrrr of LOOOOOOOVEEE! Good luck, my well polished friends, on getting that little wormy guy out of your ear. It's always a challenge to think of fun Valentine's Day nail art ideas year after year, you know, since hearts are hard to reinvent. haha The pressure! What's a new take on love?! This year, I turned to some of my favorite things for inspiration, things like pizza, lettering, and rollercoasters! Read on for more & to see what I used!