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I'm a Social Butterfly with Social Circle Cards!

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I'm obsessed with stationery and stationery-related items, so when the opportunity came up to try out these cool new Social Circle cards, I totally jumped at it!

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Feeling Rebellious? China Glaze Rebel Swatches!

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Oh, the days of my youth...my teenage years awkwardly spent in the 90s with a strange and slightly unhealthy love of...vests. While the grunge movement only barely made it to the tiny town of 800 that I grew up in, I still appreciate the days of flannel shirts, combat boots, and Nirvana just as much as if I had participated in them myself. :) I'm loving the nostalgia that comes with Rebel, the latest collection from the color geniuses at China Glaze! The colors and finishes definitely evoke memories of the 90s, and are positively stunning even if you're too young to remember them!

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Glitter Alchemy

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Im not entirely sure how I never posted this design here on the blog... it's one of my favorites that I've done in a long time! I guess sometimes I get distracted by posting on Instagram and forget about the rest of the world. :) Better late than never?

A-ORA Chrome Nails

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*sigh* so pretty.

It’s here. No really. The holy grail of nail products has finally decided to grace us with its presence. 

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Holo Splash!

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holo, the daily nail, water marble, color club, halo huesI'm a sucker for a holo. I think we all suffer from 'squirrel' syndrome... at least that's what I call it! Let me explain. When I see a great holo, I'm all eyes on that holo, much like when a dog sees a squirrel! :D (especially my 'nephew' Yukon...you can't even SAY the word squirrel without him losing his mind!)

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I Did It!

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nail art, watermarble, athena, the daily nailHoly crap guys, I did it. I've always been absolutely horrible at water marbling, and I'm still no expert, but I managed to get 10 CLEAN designs on my nails without killing anyone. WOOT! I'm pretty pleased with myself right now. I definitely have a long way to go to even come close to the mad skills that some of you amazing ladies have, but I feel pretty happy right now!

Lazy Daisies!

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I'm not sure if you guys noticed, but I've been MIA for a while. Truth is, I was uhhh...abducted by aliens... yeah, that's it! I was totally abducted by aliens, and they replaced me with a pod person who never posted on my blog, the jerks. Luckily, I escaped, and I'm back! Now that I'm back, and no longer being probed or whatever those aliens did to me, I decided to celebrate by posting some nail art! :D

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