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Rollercoaster of Love - Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art!

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Rollercoasterrrrr of LOOOOOOOVEEE! Good luck, my well polished friends, on getting that little wormy guy out of your ear. It's always a challenge to think of fun Valentine's Day nail art ideas year after year, you know, since hearts are hard to reinvent. haha The pressure! What's a new take on love?! This year, I turned to some of my favorite things for inspiration, things like pizza, lettering, and rollercoasters! Read on for more & to see what I used!

Welcome to my Fragrance Wardrobe!

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I've got a bit of a fragrance problem. I don't tend to stick to one fragrance–I have a 'fragrance wardrobe' that I can pull from so I can always wear a scent that fits my mood for the day. Still, there are definitely some favorites that get more wear than others, and that's what I'm sharing with you today! 

I should mention that I don't tend to tend to wear typical 'girl' scents. I stay away from gourmand scents with sugar, vanilla, or chocolate notes. Aquatic scents aren't really my style either- they tend to smell far too sweet on my skin. What do I like? WOOD. I loooove deep, masculine woody scents, and anything with oud is sure to be a quick favorite for me! (as you'll see below) I also don't like wearing what everyone else is wearing - if someone else in the room is wearing it, I tend to shy away from it. Sure, there are exceptions, but for the most part, I could be considered a slight scent snob.

What are your favorite scents? Read below to find out about a few of mine!

Pizza My Heart - Valentine's Day Nail Art!

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It's T minus 21 days until V-day. Now is the time to start with Valentine's Day designs, at least here in the blogosphere. Today's nail art is an homage to one of my all-time loves, an undying love that I'm pretty sure Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross sang a duet about. You guessed it... it's pizza! We've had something special going on for longer than I can remember, and more years than I'd care to admit. ;)

The inspiration for this came from so many places that I don't think I could name just one, but I love how they turned out!

Is pizza your one true love? We can totally share, but only if you don't want anchovies. ;) *pineapple is acceptable, despite what Gordon Ramsay says.

What I used:

Light Blue: KIKO Nail Lacquer in 340
Pizza Crust: Essie Bags to Riches
Pizza Sauce: Essie Alligator Purse
Cheese: H&M Masala Chai
Pepperoni: Essie Alligator Purse
Browned Cheese: ancient H&M polish in Rust
Black: Twinkled T Stamping polish in black

Topcoat: Glisten & Glow Top coat

It's the Thrill of the Chill!

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We don't get much in the way of snow here in Vegas, so I tend to live vicariously (and happily) through my friends and family back home in Michigan. It never fully feels like winter here; sure, we get the odd days or weeks when it's super chilly–even freezing–but I never have to shovel my driveway or scrape my windshield, which is AWESOME. Why am I yammering on about snow and cold? Because I have the new Morgan Taylor Thrill of the Chill nail polish collection to show you, and you're not gonna want to miss it! Hit the jump for swatches!

Are You Ready for the Glam Finale?!

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It's December, which means it's time for holiday partying, and all the glitter and glam that goes along with it. The new Glam Finale collection from China Glaze has a great mix of colors and finishes, and a few colors you'll want to wear all year long; they'll see from from Deck the Halls to Auld Lang Syne and everything (and party) in between! Hit the jump to see swatches and pick out your favorites!

Santa Shops in Summerlin!

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Do you ever wonder how Santa always finds the perfect gifts every year? I'm convinced that he must shop at Downtown Summerlin, because I found quite a few things to add to my wishlist during an awesome event with some of Las Vegas' top bloggers that was hosted by the fabulous Christie Moeller! Hit the jump to check out all the awesome stops on our Downtown Summerlin journey, and to see some of my picks (and purchases!) for gifts this year!

Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers with Neiman Marcus!

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Wondering what to get me for Christmas? This post will have all sorts of hints for what this ginger wouldn't mind seeing under her tree this year. (If we get one! Not sure a Bulldog and a Christmas tree will mix well! Haha) I suppose these gift ideas will be good for any beauty lover in your life if you've already found that perfect gift for me though. :D