Just Look at the Flowers... - 31 Day Challenge - Day 14

Nothing to Disclose

I had to throw a little pop culture reference into the title... today's theme for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge is Flowers! Hit the jump to see what I used and learn how I did it! :)

I'm super in love with how these turned out, despite how girly they are. It's a shame that they'll only reside on my nails for less than a day. So sad. For this design I actually used nail art paints watered down to give a watercolor look and consistency. It was a little bit of a struggle at first, because the last time I did a watercolor look, I used polish, which I'm used to using. These paints are pretty awesome though. I bought them ages ago, but haven't really used them until now!

I basically squeezed out a little of all the colors I wanted to use on my palette (so fancy sounding, but it's really just a 3x5 index card! :D) then squirted them with a spray bottle of water. I also had a small puddle I used to further thin the consistency when I wanted/needed. Mixing and blending colors with these was super easy, it was nice to get smooth transitions in colors, much like actual watercolor!

What did I use?

Seche Premier Calla Lily
Essie Matte About You
Wildflowers Academy Nail Art Paints


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