Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sun and Moons

Well it seems to be Weather Week here at TDN, not sure how that happened, but I keep thinking of weather related nail art ideas! I have one more in my head, I'm debating whether to post it, or hold on to the idea for a bit. What do you guys think? Wait? Don't wait? Eh, maybe I'll see if the weather event that inspired it actually happens. Sound like a deal? Well OK then!

Today's nail art is (obviously) suns. Get this though- they're also, what for it—MOONS. Get it? Nerdtastical.

I used:

Blue: American Apparel American Denim
Yellow: American Apparel Manila
Light Orange: Zoya Arizona
Medium Orange: Jesse's Girl Beauty Guru

Topcoat: Seche Vite topcoat
Basecoat: Seche Vite basecoat


  1. Those just scream summer, don't they?!

  2. Oh, and as to your last weather idea? PLEASE DO IT! No time like the present!
    I'm always dying to see what new and exciting thing you have up your sleeve! Plus, no fair teasing us like that! LOL

  3. Oh god I'm embarassed.. it took forever for me to work out why there were no moons in this design.. is that bad ? It's pretty bad, isn't it..

  4. I didn't understand at first what you meant by moons..DUH. I'm so slow! These are awesome!

  5. I still don't get the moons? Sorry it has been a long week and it is only monday.

    1. I meant Wednesday. Lord I need a nap!!

  6. Aw, half moons. She's referring to Lunula (half moons on nails).

    Anyway, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! I've been wanting to create one that's inspired by the wonderful colours of yellow and light blue but been putting off since I don't have the right blue and yellow to do it. Looks like I've gotta really get my hands on light blues and the right yellows! Now this is one I'd love to recreate! (Hope you won't mind) :D

  7. @Martha- so sorry about your week- I feel your pain. I hate weeks like that. Hopefully, it will change!
    The "moon" aspect (haha) is the fact that it's a "Half Moon" manicure even though the rounded "moon" shape is actually a sun.
    I hope that explanation makes sense...

  8. Oh, duh- Lacqueerisa already explained about the moons. I guess I'm having one of those weeks, too...

  9. I have had such a crap day. Fo real. And I just love these so much they made me smile :) Thank YOU.

  10. Love it! I have to admit it took me a while to get the moon thing, and then I did the whole 'Is that really it or am I still missing it?'

    Then I thought, maybe it was a night where there was no moon and I should stop thinking so hard on a Thursday afternoon at work.

    Beautiful mani!

  11. I've been looking for a nice turquoise blue and that American Apparel looks like it could fit the bill! Very nice design as well :-)


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