Monday, September 17, 2012

Come and Meet This Spectacular Coterie

Ladies and Gentleman, May I present to you....

 Coterie is the latest and greatest in beauty sites for deal-savvy beauty enthusiasts like you and me! (Let's be honest, who doesn't like nail polish AND a good deal? A polish that's a good deal lasts longer, looks brighter, and applies easier! Right? lol) Coterie will offer a variety of great cosmetics with exclusive introductory offers sure to make you drool. Members will be able to create a 'Virtual Vanity' where you can customize your profile with skin type, concerns, skintone, and beauty type, ensuring you won't miss out on products you love, as well as purchase and replenish your products easily! Coterie won't just be offering great cosmetics at great prices, no siree! They'll be showing us behind-the-scenes beauty looks, tricks, and advice from the best of the best in hair, makeup, skin, and nails!

I'm pretty damn excited about this site- it seems like it'll be like Hautelook, but with ONLY BEAUTY!! *swoon*  I won't have to root through rugs and children's clothes to get to deals on my beloved cosmetics now.... :D

UPDATE: The early sign-up offer has since expired. However, if you still wish to sign up for this website, you can do so through my affiliate site (I get credit to spend on the site) at The Daily Nail link for Coterie, or if you'd rather not use my affiliate link, you're more than welcome to sign up at :).   Enjoy, and if you use my link, thank you! :-D

I'm a little late on this, but I'm inviting YOU to get EARLY access!! If you use this offer before NOON EST today (9/17), you'll get $25 off the preview offer price of butter LONDON or any other future offer sold on Coterie.  (Rumor has it, if you like Butter, you're going to L-O-V-E what's comin' up soon!)

Sign up! (All the cool kids are doing it!)


Yes, I did throw an Aladdin reference into the post title. :D


  1. Crying because they don't ship internationally </3

    1. Do you have anyone in the US that could ship it to you? :(

  2. It says the Promo Code has expired and its only 11 EST :(

    1. which code? OBSESSED-VIP? Thats the one my friend had a problem with- it REQUIRES the dash to work. If it's the other one I'm not sure whats wrong :( Ill try to find out.

  3. I just ordered some shades! Thanks for the coupon! I'm really excited about this! I hope it ends up being a hassle-free shipment!

  4. I prefer to mix in circles, cliques and social coteries.

  5. I got Knackered, All Hail the Queen and West End Wonderland for $15.99! (that's including shipping...) Thank you!
    I've wanted All Hail the Queen forever, but always put it back on the shelf in favor of something with more of a color punch, (*cough*Wallis*cough*) so I'm really happy now- I had NO excuse! Thank you, girleeee!!!


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