Thursday, December 2, 2010

Raising the Bar

So, as you probably read, a few posts back, I did a nail art event at Beauty Bar last night! In honor of the night, I did Beauty Bar nails! The walls in Beauty Bar are painted with glitter, so I did stripes of all colors of glitter on all the nails, then added the Beauty Bar silhouette logo on my thumb! (I'll add pictures of the event tomorrow when I have more time)  I broke the middle finger nail, so I just chopped them all off. The middle one is soooo short, it hurts. :(

I used CND Green Scene as a base for the green, ALDO See You in Ibiza for the blue base, Orly Shine as a base for the silver, Orly Luxe for the gold base, Essie Foot Loose for the hot pink base, Essie Vermillionaire for the orange base, and Barielle Grape Escape for the purple base. For the glitters, I used Color Club Object of Envy for the green, Nubar Green Silver Glitter for the other half of the thumb. For the gold, I used Color Club Sultry Diva, the purple, Nubar Violet Sparkle, for the red, I used Milani Melt Down, for the blue, OPI Absolutely Alice, silver on the middle finger is NOX Twilight Disco Darling, Zoya Astra for the pink, OPI Extra-va-vaganza! for the orange, then Amour Rain Glitter for the pinky. For the logo, I used American Apparel Hassid. I then topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Sorry for the quick post tonight- I've been going out of my mind busy lately!


  1. :D You've been doing a lot of glitter lately!!

  2. How did the Beauty Bar Nails Night go?

  3. I didn't like that style. Just a tip, the nails are much more beautiful when the cuticles are made.
    Don't get me wrong just a review for your blog even better

  4. I agree with Rachel...and I am not complaining...I LOVE the glitter lately!

  5. I like your nails this length! Does it make your hands feel naked?? :)

  6. Hi! I don't know where to suggest but, it might be pretty kewl for you to do some nails from The Blackeyed Peas's new album, The Beginning. The little characters are really cool and it might be awesome of you could do them.

  7. So, I kinda sorta stole your idea about 365 posts. That's what I'm doing except with quotes. Hope you don't mind! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do some very VERY simple designs for the nail polish challenged. Thanks!


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