Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Sprung!

Ok, so it's over 80°F here in Vegas, I dare say that Spring has SPRUNG! Today's nail design was a simple one, I had very little time after class before I went to the International Beauty Show to do anything terribly inspiring, but I still like how it turned out!! I used one of the new polishes from my haul yesterday from a brand I've never used/heard of before- Dare to Wear by Lechat, I have to say, the polish is great, it applied wonderfully, and was opaque in 2 coats. :) (and CHEAP- since it was a discontinued color, it was $1.25 at the show. :-D Happy nail blogger here!! I also got to check out the new Shellac from CND, the lovely Kristina applied it to two of my nails. I'll post more details tomorrow about it!! :)

I used Dare to Wear Inspiring Surroundings as a base, with China Glaze DV8 applied with Konad Plate s9, and topped off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Ta-Ta for now.. I'm off to see Confessions of a Mormon Boy at the ONYX Theater here in Vegas. :-D Have a great night!! :)


  1. This is a really beautiful mani! I love the design and the base color is gorgeous :)

  2. hay awesome nails as always! i was wondering if you could take a picture of your nails with no polish on them because i'm growing my nails out and i think your nails are the perfect lenth please?

  3. LOVE THE COLOR!!! Do you know of any nail polishes I can get that have this color. Maybe just slightly...just a tiny tiny bit...darker? Since this one is discontinued.

  4. ok normally I'm not into the whole "nail jewelry" thing, but I think the gems are a nice touch, they make this simple and sweet design a little sassier!
    great job, i love love love your blog, I will be so sad when the year is up!!

  5. I really like this manicure. It definitely feels springy.

  6. I found your blog a few days ago, and I've had so much fun looking back over your project so far! And may I say how much I loved the Halloween costume? It does make me really curious as to what you use to remove your polish- must be heavy duty, or you have some tricks. Hope you would consider sharing that!

  7. Muito Linda! Aqui no Brasil é moda esse tipo de unha.... adorei!

  8. Amei essa! Muito delicada e com uma combinação de cores que amei!
    Parabéns pela criatividade!

  9. Congratulations girl! Very style and cute nails! Here in Brazil we love fashion nails! kisses

  10. Incredible!
    sorry I have not the slightest ability to do this on my nails ...
    very, very, very nice :D

  11. Great job using Konad without using their "special" nail polishes. How did you do that?

  12. Uuuu ....
    Nossa! São lindas Completamente! Estou alucinada!
    UE Hoje Vou tentar Igual Uma Fazer!
    Ahhh ...
    São MARA! A Melissa ESTÁ de parabéns!


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