Sunday, February 21, 2010

You've Crossed the Lines

For those of you that are new readers, I am a part-time culinary student in addition to my full-time employment, as well as this lovely blog in the browser before you. Today's class was awesome, yet brutal. Therefore, I'm thoroughly exhausted, soooo, simple nails. (sorry) I am using two things in this mani that I haven't yet used, Zoya Harlow Matte, and the line pattern from Konad Plate m65.

I used Zoya Harlow Matte as a base, with China Glaze DV8 applied with Konad Plate m65 as well as freehanded on the tips. No Seche Vite today.. it must be a sin, right? (and on Sunday, no less)

k, I'm off to enjoy my goodies from class!! :)


  1. Still awesome! Love both Harlow and DV8!

  2. You definitely don't have to apologize for those nails! They're so cute, as always!

  3. LOL super cute! isnt it funny how you do so many elaborate nails and then when you do something simple you feel bad? i'm the same way!

  4. Those look hot! You must have some patience to pull those off. They're awesome. Great job as usual.

  5. what i wanna know is...when do you sleep?? you're like wonder woman! :)

  6. upload the pics from class if you made anything interesting :)

  7. Simple nails to you= elaborate nails to me!
    I always love your color combinations!
    And I agree with Kasey! You're totally wonder woman!!!

  8. Hey, Ms.DailyNail since two people have already said about you being Wonder Woman. Have you ever thought of actually doing a Wonder Woman Nails? MMMMMmmm.... it's a thought and an INTERESTING one too.I like your nail today. I don't know why but it makes me think of a different special kind of candy.Uh-oh my sweet tooth is alive I have to go now...lolol... from your Oregon viewer :-)


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